About Us

Music PR and Press agency for Mexico and Latin Americacreated in 2012, focuses on joining the creativity and originality of musical projects with their future audience, through interviews and dynamics that have the purpose of communicating the way in which artists express themselves in their music, to start telling stories that need to be heard by a larger audience who wants to discover new ways to connect with them. 

CEO MalfiCo

Malfi Dorantes started in the music industry 14 years ago she has managed to position herself in Mexico as one of the first professional women in her area of ​​work, dedicated to promoting independent music from her field.

She began as a photographer, journalist, producer and music curator, until in 2012 when she created MalfiCo, the biggest project of her career. Her passion and effort for this company has led her to continue as CEO of the agency from the beginning, being the pillar of a great team of professionals that seek to bring music to a new audience.

Currently, she is also a university professor and advisor for ChileMúsica, Music Norway, Export Music Sweden and Music Finland. ChileMúsica, Music Norway, Export Music Sweden y Music Finland.

Recently, and together with Connie Fuentes, she is a partner in Bingo, a platform that studies the music industry under the perspective of mental health. Bingo.